LN Enterprise | About us
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About us

L.N. Enterprise, a renowned mechanical and civil engineering concern situated in the outskirts of Kolkata in West Bengal. It started its operation in the year 2012 and earned reputation in Eastern India within a very short span of time with its architectural and qualitative workmanship in the field of manufacturing of various structural work both of MS and SS components comprises of Ductings, Pressure Vessels, Boilers, Pipelining etc. ending with the erection work as well under civil guidelines wherever required. The company also earned its fame in completing warehousing activities of numerous shapes and sizes providing with all essential amenities.


The workshop is built up on an area measuring 4050 sq. meter enriched with most modern equipments and provided with 10 KVA power supplied by WBSEDCL. Besides, a high capacity of DG is installed for an uninterrupted production flow.


A team comprises of qualified, diligent and dedicated engineers, workers and official staffs are engaged to cater services to our valued customers round the years. The company is proud to hold a long list of satisfied customers, a galaxy of luminaries like – The Ramco Cements Ltd, NTPC Singarauli (UP) Site, Everest Industries Ltd., Anik Industries Ltd., Roofs & Ceiling (I) Pvt. Ltd. and Bengal NRI Complex Ltd. and many to name.


CO2 (mig) welding m/c – 10 nos.
Welding rectifire – 40 nos.
Air Cooled Transformer – 15 nos.
Portable Grinding m/c – 04 nos.
Gas Cutting set – 40 nos.
Pug Cutting set – 10 nos.
Table Grinder machine – 06 nos.
Pedstel Grinder – 01 no.
Sensetive drilling m/c – 04 nos.
Magnetic drilling m/c – 10 nos.
Pedestal Grinder – 10 nos.
Pedestal Grinder – 01 nos.
Fitting Vice – 02 nos.
Hand operated Winch (toT) – 02 nos.
Chain Blocks (various cap) – 40 nos.
Wire slings (various type) – 25 nos.
D Sackles (various type) – 50 nos.
Pulley cuppa (various sizes) – 100 nos.
Assorted loosetools – 60 set
Eneding m/c (12 thk) – 01 set
Hydra (14 MT) – 02 nos.
Marking & Fitting tools – 04 sets
Jems Screw – 02 nos.
Hand operated Winch (5T) – 02 nos.


Engineers – 06 heads.
Supervisors – 06 heads
Head marker – 10 heads
Marker – 10 heads
Fitter – 14 heads
Millwright fitter – 04 heads
Gascutter – 15 heads
Welder – 25 heads
Driller – 06 heads.
Grinder – 06 heads.
Khalashi – 40 heads
Sarang (erection) – 02 heads.
Accountant cum storekeeper – 06 heads.
rigger – 35 heads
Helper – as per requirement

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